SMCS Enrollment Process

  • APPLICATION FORM COMPLETED FOR EACH CHILD… Please fill out completely and be sure that both parents sign before submitting to the school office.
  • STATEMENT OF FAITH…Please read over carefully. This form is not to be returned to the school office, it is for parents to keep.
  • STATEMENT OF COOPERATION…Please read over carefully. Both parents and students entering grades 6-12 must sign this form before submitting to the school office.
  • PASTOR’S REFERENCE FORM…Complete front page only of this form and give to your Pastor. The Pastor will complete and return this form to the school office.
  • REGISTRATION FEE… $45.00 per new student, due upon enrollment.
  • BIRTH CERTIFICATES… All new students must furnish a copy of their birth certificate for our files. We will be glad to copy your original certificate in the school office. (This must be a state or county certificate, not a hospital copy.)
  • MEDICAL INFORMATION…Medical and current immunization information must be on file before the student may start the school year.
  • PHYSICALS…All new students must have a Health Assessment form on file with the school office. These forms are available in the school office and at your physician’s office. All sports participants and cheerleaders must have a physical form on file before the student starts practice for a sport.
  • HEALTH CARD…All students must have one health card on file in the school office.
  • APPOINTMENT WITH ADMINISTRATION…All new applicants must schedule an appointment with the administrator for an interview to discuss the student’s present achievements and to prescribe an anticipated academic course and enrichment desires.

Click here to open SMCS printable Application Form, Pastor's Reference Form, and Statement of Cooperation.